The Lapghan

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a good day yesterday, whether you’re in a relationship, married or single. My husband and I went to a park yesterday and had a great time. There a lot of trails in the park and one of them is a boardwalk that takes you over a super swampy area with cypress trees everywhere. It’s real Florida and it’s beautiful.


I have had 5 balls of the same yarn for over two years. It was intended for a sweater that I wanted my mom to knit for me (oh yeah, she knits too. She can do pretty much anything with yarn. And paper. And fabric. Anything that’s remotely craft-y she is a master of. Love you, mama!), but she was very busy at the time, so the yarn sat in its Joann Fabrics bag for over a year at her house before she gave it back to me with her apologies. Then it sat for over a year in its Joann Fabrics bag at my apartment, mostly forgotten about. Then we moved last summer and I said “Oh yeah! I have this yarn!” and it proceeded to continue in its previous state of sitting for another 6 months.

Suddenly, I had no more projects – there were no more babies needing baby blankets, no more Christmas presents that needed to be crocheted, and my afghan, that I had been making in-between projects for the last year and a half, was finished. This was the first time in 4 years that I did not have any sort of crochet project calling my name. So I pulled out those 5 balls of yarn and stared at them. I was at a loss with what to make with them… There wasn’t enough for an afghan, and anything else I could think of to crochet I didn’t need or even want. Eventually I settled on making a small afghan – a “lapghan,” if you will, except smaller.

(At this point, I feel I must say that about 90% of everything I have ever crocheted has been an afghan. I love making afghans! I love blankets in general. I feel that one cannot have too many blankets in their house.)

img_6432The yarn is Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted, and let me tell you, it is SOFT. Oh my word, it feels like butter. Soft, squishy butter that you want to rub all over your face for the rest of your life. It also claims to be anti-pilling, and I hope that’s true, because that’s 75% of the reason I got it.

I started with a cabled stitch pattern that would have looked so cool (I alternated between the Bars and Twists cable and the Singled Plated cable), but when I got to row #9 and had only crocheted 2 inches of blanket AND had gone through half a ball of yarn, I realized that if I continued with this pattern my lapghan would only be about 20 inches long, and that would not do. So I looked online for another stitch pattern and came across the Primrose Stitch!img_6434

Isn’t it beautiful?? I love that it still looks elegant without having to look like lace and thus have huge, gaping holes everywhere. For a blanket, huge holes just seems silly to me. If I can still feel the air from the ceiling fan blowing on my legs through the afghan, then I consider it essentially useless. But that’s just me!

The lapghan is more of a baby blanket since it’s only 28 inches wide, but I’m planning on using the 5th ball of yarn to make a wide border so I can add to the width. I’m also thinking about including a color into the border, seeing as I have a bajillion balls of yarn from previous projects, but we’ll see!


I found a pattern for this edging last night that I really like and I think it would fit well with the primrose stitch pattern. It’s not as fat of a border as I would like, but I think I could do this border with one ball of yarn. Anything fatter and I think I would run out of yarn before I finished it. A number of options lay before me and, fortunately, I have time to consider all of them! Yay.


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