The post that began them all…

Hello internet! My name is Kelsey and this blog will primarily be about the process of my crochet projects – from finding the pattern or finding the yarn (whichever comes first) to the finished product. I hope to be able to encourage and inspire people who are both new to the world of crochet and to those who have been crocheting all of their lives. I will also to use this blog as an outlet for my excitement over a pattern, new yarn, new hooks, whatever! Eventually I would love to expand this blog to include posts on baking, photography and other loves and interests I have. But that’s much farther down the road! For now, the yarn beckons…


7 thoughts on “The post that began them all…

  1. Sherry Ghiotto says:

    Hi, Kelsey! I used to crochet a lot but it’s been a very long time so I’m a bit rusty but I would love any suggestions on a stitch I could use to form rows that would form the shape of a cacao pod. The ridges are very similar to an acorn squash. Any ideas? Love this idea!!


    • TheColorOfJoy says:

      Hi Sherry! I think that best stitch for that pattern would be a back-post double crochet (BPDC). A BPDC is a double crochet (DC) made around the whole DC in the row below, as opposed to the top of the stitch. I would use a DC as the primary stitch of whatever it is you’re making, and then where ever the valley would be in the cacao pod I would use one or two BPDC – probably just one. Here is a link to a website with a how-to on making a BPDC:

      And here is a video tutorial, if actually watching someone do it will make more sense:

      Hope this helps! Thanks for asking!


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